Have you ever walked into a room that feels like a warm hug? Interior designer Lisa Steelman is passionate about designing homes with a calming factor, where every detail is meant to help you unwind and relax while maximizing the functionality of the room. Initial consultation is complimentary, allowing our team to create extraordinary spaces where you can create memorable moments. Whether you need an interior designer for one room, a complete home, or a business, you can rely on Bellissima Design Group, owned by Lisa Steelman.


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Introducing Lisa Steelman

Embark on a design journey with Lisa Steelman, the heart and soul behind Bellissima Design Group. With a rich background in corporate strategy, Lisa made the bold decision to gain her certification and follow her lifelong passion for interior design, leaving behind a Fortune 50 career to create personalized and transformative spaces. Her commitment to honesty, fun, and stepping beyond comfort zones ensures each design project becomes a unique reflection of the client, blending executive acumen with a personal touch.

Lisa’s interior design philosophy centers on making the process enjoyable and interactive, employing 3D modeling for lifelike visualizations and leveraging her franchise’s purchasing power for budget-friendly yet stunning pieces. Whether revitalizing old spaces, embracing virtual collaborations, or infusing equestrian details into designs, Lisa’s approach is a seamless blend of creativity and strategic expertise.

Why choose Lisa? Picture having a seasoned design friend, a certified pro, and an executive all in one. Lisa brings a unique blend of design creativity, executive insight, and coaching skills, ensuring your dream home is not just a personal journey but comfortably within your budget. Join her in sculpting a home that resonates authentically with you, minus any financial surprises. In her blended family, Lisa finds joy in pickleball, golf, work, and the transformative art of design. Explore the possibilities with Lisa Steelman – your partner in creating spaces that tell your unique story.

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Lisa Steelman, owner and principal designer of Bellissima Design Group.


Member of the Interior Design Society.

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